About Journal

Journal of Case Reports in Medicine (JOCRM) publishes excellent case reports in all fields of medicine. The journal creates a repository for clinical wisdom and therapeutic "pearls" regarding uncommon and selected common malformations, illnesses and injuries. JCRM enhances medical progress by stimulating discussion about clinical diagnosis and treatment, by publishing excellent clinical observations and insights that are difficult to publish in medical journals that are not committed to case reports. The journal also provides a readily accessible wealth of single case reports and case series on rare entities that can be accessed and combined into larger case series, potentially making possible new insights into diagnosis and treatment.

ISSN : 2090-5343 (Print) ; 2090-5351 (Electronic)
Frequency : Rapid at a time publication (4 issues/year)
Indexed and Abstracted in : PubMed, Google Scholar, Crossref, Portico, DOAJ, EBSCO, J-Gate, Academia.edu, Scribd, and Open Research. 
Impact Factor : 1.92

Publishing Policy:
JOCRM adopts a 7-day publishing management policy. This means that each step of the publishing process, including manuscript preview, peer review, final acceptance, production, and release, must be completed within 7 days (only for the articles that are accepted by the editors without any revision required). For the revised articles, it might take up to 21 days (3 weeks based on the revision that is required) and authors will be given 7 working days to submit the revised article.